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Four-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski retires from NFL for second time

Five-time Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski has retired for a second time, ending – for now – a career that has seen him win four Super Bowls. The 33-year-old

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Gene discovery indicates motor neurone diseases caused by abnormal lipid processing in cells

A new genetic discovery adds weight to a theory that motor neurone degenerative diseases are caused by abnormal lipid (fat) processing pathways inside brain cells. This theory will help pave

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Cryptoverse: Crypto lenders face a DeFi drubbing

Crypto lending may not be down and out, but it’s certainly on the ropes. Crypto lenders have boomed over the past two years, attracting tens of billions of dollars in

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Capcom is developing a Dragon’s Dogma sequel

Capcom is developing a sequel to its 2012 high fantasy action RPG Dragon’s Dogma, the company announced Thursday. There are few official details, but we do know the title —

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‘I replaced my daughter’s puppy because I didn’t want her to know it ran away’

No parent wants to see their child upset – and some will go to extreme lengths to protect them from the world’s hard truths. But one dad has been left

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